Trouble in the DR, Anything for the Gram, Kawhi and George join forces.

It's been a while.

My B-Day, Memorial Day Weekends of the past and Wu-Tang forever.

Poor Poor, Ice-T vs. Amazon, and Gemini Season

Happy Mothers Day, Uber Strike, Chris Darden and TMC.

Redskins draft, Offset is Upset, Lame and Famous.

Las Vegas sucks, Texas love, High Pressure no Stress

April 10, 2019

Episode #14 - #DONTMUTEDC

#DONTMUTEDC, DC culture and Go-Go music

April 8, 2019

Episode #13 - R.I.P NIP

Rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle, I'm a lame, and trending topics.

Lil Nas X Country Trap, Case of the Crazies, YNW Melly and more.

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